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Taylormade P790 Irons - Graphite - New 2021 Model


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These clubs are great for the mid to high handicapper. Head size gives a really forgiving surface area. 

Taylormade P790 Irons - Steel

 Occasionally, a golf company makes a golf club so good that it completely changes the landscape of the market, and every other company starts attempting to replicate it with their own version. This perfectly describes the Taylormade p790. Originally released in 2017, the P790 was a completely new style of iron that would appeal to both low and mid handicap players like never before. 

The almost blade-like appearance and forged face belied the fact that this iron was remarkably easy to use, with excellent forgiveness on off centre hits. It also produced amazing speeds off the clubface and as a result was extremely long with towering iron shots that soared through the air the order of the day. The current generation of the P790 iron was released in September of 2019 and whilst there were some subtle changes, Taylormade didn’t stray too far away from the original design.  

 The new P790 has a superb looking profile when set up at address and, bar a slightly thicker top line, it looks more like a blade than a game improvement iron. The back of the clubhead is stunning with a clean and classical design doesn’t hint to the amount of tech in this club.  The Toe-Port has been increased in size and moved closer to the sole, and it is through this port that Taylormade’s proprietary SpeedFoam is injected into the P790’s hollow head. 

 The Taylormade p790 benefits from a forged face which, although not as soft as a fully forged iron, feels extremely solid and rewarding at impact and produces acoustics that will appeal to every level of player. The ball speed off the face is one of the fastest on any iron currently available and allows golfers to hit their irons further than ever before. Mishits do not suffer too much drop off as the SpeedFoam and thin clubface do their job and keep the ball speed high. 

 If you are a golfer that wants to benefit from excellent levels of help on off centre-hits but can’t bear the thought of using a midsize game improvement iron, then this could well be the perfect choice. Similarly, if you have always used a smaller headed iron but you suffer from ballooning ball flights that stall in the wind due to too much spin, then the p790 has the potential to drastically change your game and take your golf to the next level.  

 The Taylormade p790 iron remains right at the top of the players distance iron category and continues to be the best-selling iron in all of golf. 


STEEL LENGTH39"38.5"38"37.5"37"36.5"36"35.75"35.5"
Custom Club Fitting

There are so many variations between each golfer! If we start with the physicality's,  Height, weight, Flexibly, Strength... all of these will determine what length and flex shaft shaft would suit any particular person.

We then look at the swing characteristics of you the player - how do you produce power - what are your angles off attack swing tempo as well as speed. Two players with similar swing speeds but different tempos may benefit from a similar flex shaft but would most likely want different kick points to improve the deliverability of the club head.

This will help all levels of golfers not just elite player and it really important to remember we are not here to change your swing or even judge your swing our job is to build a club that improves your golf with the swing you have no matter what level of player you are - We Guarantee that if the clubs we fit you with don't improve your game instantly bring them back and we will change them no questions asked - all clubs also come with FREE 3 years adjustments should your game change or improve we will adapt the clubs to suit you're swing change!

How much do custom fit clubs cost ?

The same price as any standard clubs you can buy online or in any golf shop. For example if you were looking to buy a new TaylorMade Sim 2 Driver online and it was £399, then we would custom fit and build you the perfect Taylormade Sim 2 Bespoke Driver for the same price £399 no extra cost the only difference is this driver will be the perfect length - flex - loft - lie for you.

We guarantee your will hit your custom fitted clubs better or bring them back and we will swap or adjust them free of charge not questions asked 

Click here, or call 01543477779 to get the process started. 

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David’s Shop Design – Having Not been a Golf pro or even having an official handicap before joining Mike at Midlands Indoor Golf, I felt really uncomfortable walking into golf shops to look at new clubs or browse – So it was really important for me that our Golf Shop was different

Before I knew about lofts, lies, Shafts, bounce, and kick points on a golf club I used to hate going to buy new clubs – I was embarrassed when the golf shop staff would ask why I’m buying a certain make or model driver, and truth be told I had no real reason other than I liked it – or worse, if I didn’t know what I wanted and the golf pros used loads of technical info about a club that I had no idea what it meant, but I was too embarrassed to ask – but it’s Different Here a Midlands Indoor Golf.

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Taylormade P790 Irons - Graphite - New 2021 Model

Taylormade P790 Irons - Graphite - New 2021 Model