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Practise to play - Variation of Player
On Course Variation - We have all had players that are great in practise but not on the course - We prefer the player to come with the coach and do what they would do in a regular lesson - we will then play a course; but also simulate stresses and external factors that will effect a player during competition - we will collect all swing data as well as visual observations about a players tendencies and how they change during a round. We will feed back this data and discuss how your player changes under pressure, or when fatigued. From this data and observations we will give you our recommendations of drills for you to work on with your player to avoid the killer changes that happen from practise to play. 

Online Coach Support
Often a Coach and a player can know, and be working on an issue, but it is just not changing as fast as you would like, or the problem keeps reappearing. Sometimes a coach can be so close to a player, or they keep trying the same approach - this is when a different set of eyes will see the player objectively.  We work with coaches globally advising them on player development issues.
We look at the player relative to their swing efficiency as well as their individual skill sets.
We guide coaches through :-
Body physiology and biomechanics - Joint movements and sequencing - swing dynamics and power production - Posture and balance -
Geometry relative to clubhead delivery - Evaluating data correctly to improve performance - Skill sets and practice plans.

We will help you understand how the player creates power and accuracy and then help you find a solution!

The Need for Speed
Whatever the level - distance matters!  We work with tour players as well as juniors - Getting Up to 190mph Ball speed was important for a European Tour Player - and he achieved that at Midlands Indoor Golf Performance Centre! We are also incorporating dynamic training methods into juniors - we have worked with some of the longest junior hitters around - players must come with their coach and we will asses the player and how THEY create speed and then give the coach our thoughts and training ideas for the individual. The Need For Speed

Wedge Work & Gapping Session
How far do your players clubs go (Exactly - not guess work) When I ask a player how far their 7 iron goes, if they give me one number then they need to come on this session - You need to know what shot with each iron effects the yardage if you're going to attach pins - not just hit green.   Accurate yardage controls will lower scores faster than any other part of your game - it's important on every hole - we will also throw wind and other factors in to show your player the effects.

If your player can hit a wedge within 10 foot, not 15 - how many more times will they hole out instead of 2 putt? 

Full Player Assessment
Sometimes a player doesn't have an issue - they are playing well - but how about if you could have more information for you to help that player improve even faster - knowledge is power!

- 3D Bio metrics
- Pressure Plates
- On Course Assessment Vs Practise
- Physical Assessment

FULL Player Review and Swing report on your player - for you to take away and work on with your player - this may reveal something you hadn't seen because if you don't have access to 3d modeming - you couldn't possibly know or see.

We will work with coaches on a partner basis, coaches who have some key students that are either already competing at a high level or are showing promise to be a future star - We meet every 3 Months and do a full assessment:

- 3D Bio metrics
- Pressure Plates
- On Course Assessment Vs Practise
- Physical Assessment
- Speed and Distance Reviews and progression

Also you have access to all of our specialists, so if in between sessions you hit a particular problem - you can send us Data, Numbers, or swing videos and we will analyse and discuss with the experts we have access to around the world - this service is free to use as much as needed in between our 3 monthly reviews.

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