Improve your game, and play at your very best.

There are so many variations between each golfer! If we start with the physicality's, height, weight, flexibly, strength... all of these will determine what length and flex shaft shaft would suit any particular person.

We then look at the swing characteristics of you the player - how do you produce power - what are your angles off attack swing tempo as well as speed. Two players with similar swing speeds but different tempos may benefit from a similar flex shaft, but would most likely want different kick points to improve the deliverability of the club head.

This type of customisation will help all levels of golfers, not just elite player. We Guarantee that if the clubs we fit you with don't improve your game instantly, you can bring them back and we will change them no questions asked. 

Enjoy the best scores at NO EXTRA cost when you purchase from us.

How much does custom fitting cost? Nothing at all if you purchase your new club from us!

If you purchase a new TaylorMade Sim 2 Driver for £399, we will custom fit and build you the perfect Taylormade Sim 2 Bespoke Driver for the same price. The only difference is this driver will be the perfect length - flex - loft - lie for you.

All clubs also come with FREE 3 years adjustments should your game change or improve, we will adjust the clubs to suit your swing change!

What are you waiting for? Submit the form below to arrange your custom fit for NO EXTRA COST. Or call us on 01543 477779. 

Increase distance, lower your scores and improve accuracy.

Quick and easy fitting at our local Cannock golf centre

Adjustments as needed, no questions asked!


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