Custom Fit

Custom Fit Golf Clubs - £49 Per Set - £35 Driver

 Possibly the fastest and cheapest way to improve your golf without changing your swing!

 ---- This will help High Handicap Golfers as Well as elite Players ---

If you took a sample of the last 20 people you played golf with, I’m guessing they did not all wear the same size trousers or tops – so how can the same length club be the best solution for all 20 of them?  - If you then add in swing speeds and distance, how can the same flex shaft be the best for them – quite simply - it can’t. 

Most Golfers Want more Yardage or Accuracy – Custom Fitted Golf Clubs can improve your Driver Distance off the tee, and often get rid of or reduce a hook or a slice, without changing your swing.

 Some people are sceptical about this – if your sceptical book a demo fit - free of charge, this takes 20 minutes – with no obligation to buy – We are confident during this free demo fit you will see the difference the same make club with a different shaft loft lie or length will make – you’ll hit a different shape shot and different distance’s  with what, to most golfers, would look like the same golf club.


The cost of the Clubs do not Change if you decide to buy a TaylorMade Sim 2 driver for example, or a set of Mizuno Irons - the price you pay for your custom fitted clubs will be the same price as if you bought them online with us with the standard shafts and specs - the only extra you pay for the custom fitted golf clubs is £49 for a set of irons or £35 fitting charge for a driver.

 Nothing is left to chance, everting is done within our state-of-the-art trackman fitting studio – facts, figures and data will all be analysed by our PGA pro club fitter, all of which you will receive a print out of.

Book A fitting – this is a link

We can supply all of the Major Golf Brands Such As – TaylorMade – Ping- Mizuno – Cobra –

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